Are you interested in learning about scripts and screenplays?

Cajetan Boy, a celebrated film writer and member of Et Cetera Productions Ltd, is running an online screenplay writing course.

“After over 10 years being involved in scripting and facing a challenge with every script I worked on, I developed this curriculum to help me deal with the more “scientific” side of screenplay writing.”

This is a purely online class with no intention of face to face meetings.

While you can get almost all materials on writing online – it is how the curriculum is constantly evolving as exercises are added, removed, improved and adapted to suit the needs of a particular student or script.

There is personal and direct feedback as you develop the script you are working on . . . and that makes all the difference.

If you are interested in learning the craft from an expert; affordably and at your convenience, send a mail to : for more details.

This is your chance to start on your dream of being a scriptwriter.

Make it happen by learning something about it!


  1. Training of your writers on writing for stage, film and TV.
  2. Idea generation and conceptualization.
  3. Character development.
  4. Story lining.
  5. Script writing.
  6. Script formatting.
  7. Script reading.
  8. Script critiquing – feedback.
  9. Script editing.
  10. Script doctoring
  11. Adaptation and Kenyanization of ideas to scripts.
  12. Adaptation of novels, story books, set books into scripts.
  13. Adaptation of current series into a stand-alone movie.
  14. Transcribing of audio and video.
  15. Capacity building workshops.

Happy writing.



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